You can rely on SoundOff Signal capabilities which include:

  • Smartly Designed products
  • Superior customer relationships
  • Quickest lead-times in the industry
  • Quality, high-performing products
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Expert technicians
  • Continuous improvement
  • Global market experience

Our Smart Designs Include:

The “wig wag”: a heavy-duty flasher for headlights that provides attention-grabbing conspicuity to notify motorists of an oncoming emergency vehicle. Affectionately known as the “wig wag,” this technology has since been embraced and universally adopted by all segments of the emergency vehicle market.

The GHOST light: an extremely bright, yet compact, versatile product, which resulted in SoundOff’s industry leadership and global market reach.

The Intersector Under-Mirror Light: designed to provide a unique, 180-degree vehicle profile illumination to signal approaching off-angle traffic.

nForce Collection: Our most recent introduction is the nForce. It is the first full-line, tri-color family of lighting products on the market…designed to integrate aesthetically and functionally with today’s evolved police vehicle designs. We created a theme that would integrate with the next generation of vehicles through dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size.

OEM School Bus Warning Lights to help improve the safety of our children.