Radio Communications is your Authorized Dealer for all Motorola, Vertex, RAM Mount, and SoundOff Signal Products!


  • 2-way Radio, Microwave Paths, Pagers, Call Boxes, Repeaters, Antennas, and more.
  • Serving Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Fire Service, EMT’s, Transportation, Schools, Retail Stores, Government Entities, Dispatch Centers, and many others.
  • Radio Communications has designed, deployed and maintained Neo Terra AVL/GPS integrated radio system.
  • Official dealer for the following companies:
    • Motorola
    • Vertex Standard
    • Relm Wireless
    • Ram Mounts
    • SoundOff Signal Smart Design


Radio Communications’ knowledgeable sales team will help you choose the communications technology that is right for your needs, and our technical staff will work with you to design and deploy efficient, effective, reliable, easy to use communication systems to help increase productivity and profit.


Motorola Logo   Motorola two-way radios keep users communicating steadily and efficiently with both digital and analog options.  With expansions and upgrades available, our radios grow with your business. Portable radios and mobile units are available.


Digital Radios

  • Digital Portable: CP200D
  • Digital Portable: XPR3000
  • Digital Portable: XPR7000
  • Digital Mobile: XPR2500
  • Digital Mobile: XPR4000™
  • Digital Mobile: XPR5000™


Analog Radios


  • Analog Portable BP40
  • Analog Portable: CP185
  • Analog Portable: HT750
  • Analog Portable: HT1250
  • Analog Mobile: CDM750™
  • Analog Mobile: CDM1250


Vertex Standard Logo   Vertex Standard offers cost-effective communication, delivering features and performance for maximum return on investment.  All of our radios are designed to be Li-Ion Battery compatible, for long-term use, and most include Auto-Range Transpond System – ARTSTM.


  • Vertex VX-231 Two-Way Radio
  • Vertex VX-351 & VX-354 Two-Way Radio
  • Vertex VX-450 Series
  • Vertex VX-820 Series
  • Vertex VX-920 Series
  • Vertex EVX-530 Series


Relm Wireless Logo   Relm Wireless radios are durable, intuitive, and reliable.


  • Portable Radios
  • Mobile Radios
  • BK Radio Base Stations


Ram Mounts Logo   RAM stands for Round-AMount and was introduced in 1992. The most innovative product line of its kind, RAM continues to evolve into one of the most sought after accessories for electronics


  • About RAM Mounts


SoundOff Signal Smart Design Logo   SoundOff products are innovative and attention-grabbing!  Lights, cameras, and communication technology products are sold and used by reputable dealers like Radio Communications.


  • The “Wig Wag”
  • The GHOST Light
  • The Intersector Under-Mirror Light
  • The nForce Collection
  • OEM School Bus System